Manfeild Days

CDMTC Manfeild days are held in January and Easter of each year and cost from just  $100 (cheap as).

Bikes are to be WOF safety standard, one rider to one bike, one bike per rider, riders need to produce a drivers licence to prove their ID, no cheques are accepted.

Next Track Day Sat 30th March 2024

  • Prepayment of entry for 30th March 2024.

    For our next Manfeild open day we are allowing prepaid entries guaranteeing your entry $100.00.

    Prepay $100.00 or on the Day $100.00. CASH ONLY. And still the cheapest fun in the country.

    CDMTC Online banking acct: 06 0729 0170127 00
    Name(s)(please include surname):

    4 classes: Novice/Medium/Fast/Race.
    Scrutineering: WOF safety standard/Taped mirrors/Motorcycle license/Safety gear & helmet (full leathers or approved riding suit for Medium, Fast & Race).

    For more information or to pre book your place click the link below.


  • FAQs


    What is the format for the day?


    The format for the day is - we run four classes as a rotation.

    Race bikes - anything goes.

    Fast road bikes – no speed limits, common sense must apply.

    Medium road bikes – this is led at 180kms on the straights (no passing the lead bike) and when overtaking other bikes give them some room, no carving up in the corners.

    Novice road bikes - this is led at 120kms on the straights (no passing the lead bike) and when overtaking other bikes give them some room. No passing in the corners.



    Is the track day that you’re running at Manfeild in January suitable for learner riders on 250cc machines?


    Yes, please bring your 150, we have novice classes that are led at about 120 kms on the straights by good track riders, this will suit learners to medium riders and is very safe (we have had 110cc bike go fine in this class). We also have medium classes that are led at about 180kms, so if you find a class is too fast or slow, come and see us and we will shift you into another class.



    I am keen to do the track day, but was wondering if you could clarify something for me.  Your website says that the bike has to be WOF safety standard, does that mean you have to have a bike that has a current WOF?
    The reason I ask is because I have a track day bike that is obviously not road legal.
    If you could please confirm for me what bikes are permitted at your track days that would be great.


    No, your bike does not need a WOF but needs to be safe, e.g. tyres with some tread, a chain that won't fall off, brakes that work, and good wheel bearings, throttle that returns on its own, etc. We have no interest in headlights, indicators, mirrors or whether it's registered.

    Please note we will be opening scrutineering from 8:00 am


    If you have a question please